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Hotel Operator Appreciation Notes

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Premium ZunzuTM Hanger

Application Note for Hotel Operators


This application note summarized the experience of our previous hotel customers to impress their valued hotel guests with this image enhancement product

1. Identify the target category of customers for the image enhancement program. Long duration stay customers.
Frequent travel business customers.
Corporate meetings decision makers.
2. Do we need to replace all existing hangers in the room?

No, the most cost effective practice is to equipped every room with at least one standard size ZunzuTM Hanger and one extended size ZunzuTM hanger for the big and tall.

3. Identify the class of rooms to be equipped with the image enhancing hanger:

Our survey indicates that when the hotel guests pay over $125 per night for a room, they expect a reasonably high standard of room amenities to be provided. Any room rate over $250 per might requires all possible top class amenity and services. The Zunzu hanger is an essential amenity for the upscale Executive Suites and Premium rooms.

Different models of ZunzuTM hangers are available to meet the budget for different grades of rooms.

4. The closet of our rooms are designed for hangers with special hooks. We provide ZunzuTM hangers custom made with your special hook. Just send us a sample of your existing hanger and we shall duplicate the special hook for your order. With reasonably quantity, most hook modification will not require any extra charge. However, it may take a little bit longer lead time to process order with special hook.
5. How to prevent customers to take away the hangers from the room?

Although we offer a special hanger hook with no extra cost to hotel customers, we do not recommend it for rooms charging over $250 per night due to the following reasons:

* It indicates distrust of the top class customers.

* The cost of the hanger is insignificant to the duration of the stay. It is more important to keep the customers impressed and fully satisfied during their stay.

* Even if the hanger is taken by the customer, it provides an effective long term promotion effect to enhance the top image of your hotel to this class of free spending customers. Survey indicates that the customers will most likely use the hanger in the following two ways:

(a) Uses it everyday in their offices for their quality overcoat or jacket.

(b) Use it for their most valued apparel at home.

In either situation the name of your hotel is equated to the finest possession of the customer and the quality image your hotel is always reminded.

6. Outstanding application example.

One of our existing customers came out with an outstanding way to impress the customers. The ZunzuTM Hanger is specially presented to the selected customer on a silver plate together with an appreciation letter from hotel management, after the customer checked into the room.

While the customers are extremely impressed by the caring message and their basic need is taken care, another advantage of this special method of presentation is that the hotel is able to decide which type of customers are to be specially serviced with the ZunzuTM hanger.

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