Customers and Applications
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Corporate Applications
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Product Series
Our personalized Adjustable hangers are designed to meet the different needs of our customers.

Consumer Retails

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  1. Proven field tested to generate multifold hanger sales and profit. 
  2. The only garment hanger that conveniently service different members of the family; adjustable from XS to XL sizes.
  3. Adjustable to perfectly supports the narrower inner clothing to the wider overcoats.
  4. An impressive new novelty item and a message of "Care" makes it an unusual personal gift.
  1. New One-For-All design, the hanger that fits XS to XL sizes, for different members of the family.

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Fashion & Department Stores
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  1. New standard of garment hangers.
  2. Perfectly present your apparel to stimulate impulse sales.
  3. Enhance your Leadership image.
  4. Expression of Dedication and Care.
  5. Protect your apparel from deformation.
  6. Long lasting promotion gift valued by the customers.

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Corporation Gift/ Office Applications

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(See Sample Appreciation Notes)

  1. Customer use it and remind them your company everyday.
  2. Unusual gift which lasts for many years.
  3. Meaningful : expression of your caring tradition.
  4. Innovative product which catch the attention of customers.
  5. A gift truly valued by customers for daily use.
  6. Suitable for use in offices to enhance your corporate identity.

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Government & Military
  1. Innovative accessory for offices and lodgings.
  2. The only garment hanger to keep all uniform in perfect looking condition.
  3. Extends to more than 22 inches, capable of supporting all gentleman sizes, including the big and tall.
  4. Custom logo promotes the identify of the team.
  5. Enhanced house keeping of the office.
  6. Emphasize the spirit of perfection.

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  1. Resolves a real problem of Hotel customers: the standard size hanger cannot service the big variation of body sizes of hotel customers.
  2. New standard of personalized amenity.
  3. Represents the Caring tradition and impeccable service offered by the hotel.
  4. Enhance the Leadership image of the hotel.
  5. Long lasting promotion gift valued by the customers.
  6. Special hook designs and security features available.  Wide range of affordable designs to meet your budget requirement.

(See Hotel operators application note)

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