About ZunZu

ZunZu Inc. was originated from Grow With Me, Inc., an innovation incubator and corporate consultation company. Unsatisfied by the poor fitting of the cheap fix size hangers, Grow With Me Inc. spent several years of intense research, to develop a low cost personalized garment hanger that better meets the needs of the consumer. After completing several pioneering test models, and field test in different markets, ZunZu Inc. started it’s operation early 2001 focusing in promoting the Z-Tech Hangers, that turns to a new page in the history of garment hangers.

Mission of ZunZu

We identified the need for a better garment hanger required by the consumer, the apparel stores and also the hospitality industry. This need gives us an opportunity to put billions of innovative hangers into the closets of homes and the apparel stores. The mission of ZunZu Inc. is to provide an affordable garment hanger to meets the different hanger needs of the consumer and to enhance clothing sales of apparel stores by presenting the BEST look to every garment in the stores.

Patent Portfolio

Our initial investment was focused on securing a broad patent portfolio in order to protect the long-term research effort. Now, ZunZu is becoming the number one company in the world possessing the technology to provide low cost Z-Tech adjustable garment hangers. Over 100 patents have been granted worldwide, including 15 issued USA patents.

Proven Field Tests

ZunZu has completed field test in different segments of the market. All test responses are very encouraging.

Strong Supporting Infrastructure

ZunZu  had recently completed the organization of a manufacturing network equipped with over 200 injection molding machines to provide capacity able to produce over 100 million hangers per year. This enables ZunZu to fulfill the consumer and display needs generated by her business programs.

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